LCD Charger for 1-16 AA/AAA Batteries with Refresh Function + Car Adapter

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TI-1600L is an ideal all-round solution for professionals and anyone who uses many rechargeable batteries on a regular basis. Featuring 16 independent circuits, you can charge 1-16 AA/AAA rechargeable batteries in any combination. By incorporating four large LCD screens, the charging status of each battery can be displayed clearly with a battery charge indicator for each cell. The internal GENIUS - microprocessor control the charge process and maximizes the batteries longevity. The 16 Cell charger is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge and deep-discharge the batteries with a press of a button for maximum rejuvenation.

New Model - Available from Sep. 2013



EAN Number  
Manufacturer: TENSAI  
Suited for

AA (Mignon), AAA (Micro).

Charging Bays




 Individual bay monitoring, LC-Display, Conditioning Mode, Negative delta turnoff

Extras Including CLA car adapter
Power Adapter Intern. AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz Out. DC 12V/ 1.5A
Output current (per bay) AA: 0.5A (Max) AAA: 0.25A (Max) 
Width (mm) 280
Length (mm) 108
Height (mm) 30
Weight incl. Boxing (gr) 770
Weight (gr) 430

* The information  (subject to change without prior notice) contained in this document is for reference only  ,and should not be used as a basic for product guarantee or warranty.For applicatons other than those described here, please consult  Tensai sales team.

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