Tensai NiMH, Baby C - LR14, Rechargeable Battery 1.2V/4500mAh NiMH

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Tensai NiMH batteries are designed to meet the requirement for increasingly higher levels of energy demanded by today’s electronic products. Our Nickel Metal Hydride batteries offers up to three times the capacity of same size standard Nickel Cadmium batteries. Due to their increased capacity and energy density features, users can expect a longer run time between charges.

Tensai TR-C4500 02

Model TR-C4500
Manufacturer: TENSAI  

C , LR14

Chemistry NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)
Nominal Voltage



Minimum: 4500mA

Typical: 4600mA

When discharged at 0.2C to 1.0V at 20°C

Fast Charge  up to 2250mA
Service Life >500 cycles
Internal Resistance ≤20mΩ (upon fully charged)
Diameter (mm) φ=26
Height (mm) 50
Weight 80g

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